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problems with - Calling Features and Calling Plan



I'm not able to access these sections of my, when I try I get the following error - 


For calling plan it says - We're sorry

Sorry, we can't change your Calling Plan at the moment. Please call us on 0800 800 150 to continue.


For calling features it says - Sorry, we can't change your Calling Features at the moment.

Sorry, we can't access your account information at the moment. Please try again later.


I have emailed BT twice about this, March & April and both times never had a response. If anyone can let me know how to fix it so I can view this part of my or who to contact to get it fixed that would be great!


Thanks in advance!



Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: problems with - Calling Features and Calling Plan

Hi tomuk81,


Is this a section on your eBilling account? If you can email me your MyBT username, forum username and account number I'll report this, the email address is





Community ModeratorStephanie
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Re: problems with - Calling Features

This is my first visit to these forums, at first glance it appears to me that these are less "forums" for discussion and more a place to complain about BT's service and the lack of any ability to get BT to respond to issues.


"My BT has everything you need online - you can view and download your bills 24/7, manage all your services, track your orders get the latest offers and help - and much more".


Impressive. except it appears not to be true.  I have never been able to select or change my calling features online or change my calling plan because the system tells me "Sorry, we can't access your account information at the moment - please try later".


BT operators tell me that this is a known fault and that it is being addressed but I can always telephone someone to change my calling features or my calling plan (that's if I have half an hour to spare and can actually get someone to answer the phone).


Does BT not have sufficient IT resources to solve this minor problem? Quite incredible!

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Re: problems with - Calling Features and Calling Plan

Hi Tomuk81,


Yes I'm having the very same problem. After speaking with BT three times, there is still no commitment to resolve the issue. Problem is, with paper-free agreement, this is the only record of what the deal is with BT. Mine shows weekend free calls (which is wrong) when I actually am paying for anytime free calls, which is what I want.


This has become an issue since I took out a new contract last month for Infinity, which I have to say, is brilliant. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be able to manage the simpler tasks in their business.



Keith Woodbridge

Droitwich Spa

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