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problems with direct debit

there was a confusion with my direct debit payment for monthly payment plan which left me owing the blance on my bill and the direct debit being cancelled. I paid the balance due to clear bill and was told on phone that once it was cleared I could reinstae monthly payment plan. As this was near to my next bill being generated (Jan 2013 ) I was told to wait till had bill and then setup direct debit again. Recieved bill last week and was unable to set up monthly plan again as are demanding full bill again £225. I discussed this with chat and said bil had to be paid in full. This bill has been put on hold till 28th FEb as do not have funds.


On emailing forum moderators twice to get a response saying that I had been misinformed the reply stated that an attempt had been made to contact me on xxxxxxxxxxx. This is actually an old phone number whcih I have not had for 3 years!!.

In addition there was no mention of direct debit just another breakdown of the bill.


I also queryed a charge for premium cordless phone of £12 approx which I do not have and was told this would be refunded. However it has not.


I had the clear intention of reinstating monthly plan and was misinformed to wait till receiving nextbill. and now I am left with a bill of £225 which requires payment in full which I do not have.


It appears that I am forever being given the wrong information and am going round and round in circles. any help appreciated


telephone number removed - mod

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Re: problems with direct debit

Good luck with that. I know from bitter experience that one these monthly payment plan so wrong you are basically in the poo. Sorry to say I think you are in for a long battle.
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