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problems with new version of email

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Since my email was updated automatically a few weeks ago, I am struggling to write email, as there seems to be a few seconds' delay between my kepboard and my screen. It's glitchy, slow and unstable and really annoying, especially as it's my business account.

Also, if I copy and paste text from elsewhere, which I do a lot, it alters all the line lengths and paragraph spacing.

Is anyone else havng these problems, and does anyone know how I can stop it doing this, and make it work fluidly?

Incidentally, my personal email, also with BT, was NOT updated, and is working perfectly.

Alternatively, anyone know how I can change back to the previous version of BT?

Thank you.


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Re: problems with new version of email

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You use a flaky consumer grade webmail for business?

Use the proper tool for email, a mail client (app) not webmail.

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Re: problems with new version of email

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First of all I agree that I would not be using a residential/consumer grade email service for my business account but that is obviously up to you.

In answer to your questions:- 

You can not be moved back to the previous version. 

BT are "upgrading" email accounts in batches. Your "personal" account will be "upgraded" at some point in the future.

If you go into the settings, (click on user name at top right). Click on the Mail button on the left and scroll down to "Compose messages in rich text format" and un-tick the box. This should allow the formatting of your cut and paste to stay the same as the original document.

The best answer is however to use an email client such as Thunderbird or Outlook which as well as allowing you to format your emails however you want it also allows you to include a back up of your emails when you are doing your daily or weekly backup regime of your business work rather than entrusting a residential email system to keep them safe.


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Re: problems with new version of email

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Thanks. I'll try that.



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