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ps3 and laptop connection issue

Ok i have had this problem before at my own house and it was solved by changing the wireless channel. But at my fathers house i took my laptop and ps3 and whenever they are on together it will randomly disconnect both my ps3 and laptop, it will not let me reconnect even though the internet is still on. I have to restart the hub 2.0. I cant change the wireless channel because i'd already done that to stop another laptop from being randomly kicked like that. If i do change it that other laptop will be kicked if i dont my ps3 and laptop will be kicked. What can i do? P.S i cant do a line check cause i dont have an ethernet cable here.

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Re: ps3 and laptop connection issue

Hi delete all previous wires less settings and the let the devices software refind the network re enter wireless code into each device and you should then reconnect with out problem
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