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ques on bt home hub 5

ok can some clarify exactly how the home hub 5 will work in this scenario, hope i explain it ok.


450 mbps 3x3 mimo 5ghz wifi N card as client


now the specs state 5GHz: 802.11ac dual-stream 3x3 MIMO. Back compatible with 802.11n/b/g 


so in this ac mode will the legacy 450 wifi N 3x3 client connect via 3x3 mimo on the router in a best case scenario of 450mbps?


or as stated on the info/specs only 5ghz Up to 300 Mbps in (40MHz) mode?


So as i have an older 5ghz client albeit a 3x3 450mbps client and the fact the router has 3x3

the router will only act in 5ghz N as 2x2 or 3x2 or 2x3 which ever it is and not 3x3 even though it has 3x3 ability for ac

It seems a bit odd  and that BT missed a trick again to limit N to a 2x combo when theres loads of routers out there at 3x3 450 mbps for 5ghz N and only have 3x3 mimo for ac


At present i connected at link rate of 300mbps as reported in bt home hub when on wifi a/n upto 300....:( why no 3x3 450 mbps if its there for ac why not enable for N in 5ghz....i dont get why they wouldnt?


when i tired ac upto 1300 backward compatable 3x3 mimo it 3x3 for older wifi 5ghz N clients that are 3x3????


i only get reported as link rate of 130mbps ..seemed a bit odd to me..


all smart connection stuff is off and tried auto wifi and setting a channel


any one have info on exactly how the hh5 connects and negotiates in this scenario


many thanks



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Re: ques on bt home hub 5

Sounds very, very odd to me!!
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Re: ques on bt home hub 5

What does?

Are you able to answer the ques?

Do 450 5ghz N clients connect using 3x3 mimo or not?

As other routers do offer 3x3 450 link rates

Does the hh5 for N in 5ghz?

The specs say for 5ghz n up to 300 Mbps so this implies a 2x2 arrangement like the 2.4 specs. But they state ac is 3x3. So there are 3x3 for 5ghz ac but can older 450 N clients connect using 3x3 Mimo? Seems stupid if BT haven't allowed 3x3 for 40mhz 5ghz N. When they could.

It also seems in ac I only connect on channel. = 130mbps if BT hh5 info is correct. And never get the 300 40mhz dual channel in the ac mode for legacy's 5ghz N

So have to select a/n mode to find BT limited it for no good reason to 2x2 and no 3x3. Max link rate 300.

Does the type b hh5 fix address this?

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Re: ques on bt home hub 5

The Hub 5A and 5B are the same just a different manufacture to provide additional numbers of hubs to cover demand
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Re: ques on bt home hub 5

thanks for reply John


ah ok so exactly the same... literally piece for piece chip for chip yes?


Not like the hh3 type a and b which where different hardware and i found performed differently in ref to linux and wifi.( i shant go into the that now)


so are you able to answer the ques or find out do 5ghz 3x3 450 mbps clients connect?


it 5ghz mode it looks like the hub only uses 2x2 arrangment ergo 300mbps max.. which is a pity.... looks like bt didnt enable 450 3x3 in that mode..if the hh5 reporting is correct


now in ac mode there are 3x3 in use...but...does a legacy 5ghx N 450 client also use 3x3 that is the ques... and does any body know the answer?


presently if i can trust the hh5 link rate it says the 450 client is only connecting at 1 channel 20mhz speed of 130


so not working as expected imo


to repeat in 5ghz n mode it connects at 300 mbps  which is as specs state but is disapionting as i have a 3x3 client and (if enabled) a 3x3 router but looks like bt havent enable 3x3 in 5ghz N mode...thats a pity as said.


im looking for clarification on exactly how bt have implemented there wifi


many thanks



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