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question... a bit hard to explain.

right here goes.

i'm moving in with my grandparents soon and i got the internet up and running.


in his one phone box/connection he has his phone, his phone from upstairs and his sky tv going into that one box all through one adaptor/connection thing...whoever set it up for him did it this way... now when i tried to just put that into the phone part of the ADSL filter the phone etc all worked but it couldn't connect to broadband.. now when i juts put the phone itsself into the ADSL filter it worked fine.


is there a reason why it can't all work together ?

we were looking at adding another socket/connection upstairs for the internet to get around this but if theres another way i'd appreciate any information.



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Re: question... a bit hard to explain.

Welcome to this customer to customer forum.

To enable forum members to help you, please could you look at Investigating speed and connection issues. which asks you to do a few checks first, and has some helpful hints.
When you have done that, please post the results here, so members can offer advice. Thank you.


Take special note about what it says about Sky boxes.



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