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"Cease account" - Financial Difficulties

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Hi. I'm hoping someone can help solve my issue as stated below.

I have an unpaid balance of 205.00 originally 176.86 I've always payed my bill on the 25th of every month. But in August as a result of no longer being employed there was an issue. My top priority bills would have been water council tax etc. And it's resulted in many of my bills overlapping. Its not that I'm purposely nit paying my bill it's simply because I can't. I do not wish for my account to close. As I'm willing yo make a payment on the 25th of this month as everything is back on track. But whilst talking to someone on the phone today I was told that my account was going to be ceased and passed on to a debt collection agency. And I really don't need that happening. I just simply want to start paying it back and get my services reactivated again. But It seems as I don't even have the option to do this. The bill hasn't been payed since the beginning of August. But as everything has restored back to normal. I wish to make a payment on the 25th of this month. If my account is going to close. I really don't feel the need to pay it back. I've gone through this terrible time in my life at the moment. And the last thing I want is a debt collector knocking on my door. Especially at 19 years of age, I really don't want my account to close etc.

Can somebody please help!?
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Re: "Cease account" - Financial Difficulties

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Welcome to this forum.
This is a customer to customer forum only,


This is where customers help each other get the most out of BT products & services.

Anything you post here does not go to BT. Although the forum is moderated by BT, not all posts are read.
Everyone posting here, are just BT customers like myself

If you would like to try Live Chat they may be able to help you.


This is a public forum which can be viewed worldwide, so please do not post any personal information, especially phone numbers, account numbers, fault numbers, address information or email addresses, as this could be used to impersonate you.


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