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"Connect Automatically" causes computer to not connect to Home Hub 5 until I restart the router.

Occasionally our home hub 5 drops connection to all devices, when this happens all of the devices except my laptop (windows 10) reconnect within 60 seconds.

If my laptop is set to reconnect automatically it tries to connect immedietly, fails and then can't connect ever again, until I reset the router.

This only happens with the Home Hub 5 and has never happened with another router.

I am able to connect after being dropped if I do not have auto connect turned on, and wait for the network to show as available again then connect manually. However I would rather this not be the case, as I use my laptop as a small media server, so an internet connection that can run without me intervening would be much preferred.

None of the following are any good:

Resetting computer

Clearing wifi password and re entering

using smart connect instead

Connecting to a different network then re-trying the home hub.

Updating networking adapter drivers, and then retrying all of the above


The only thing that works is restarting the router, which isnt a realistic long term solution.



It seems like when the HH5 drops all the connections, it then somehow blacklists my laptop for trying to reconnect. 

Is there a firewall or DNS issue that could be causing this?

Any help at all would be greatly received!


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Re: "Connect Automatically" causes computer to not connect to Home Hub 5 until I restart t

There may be a conflict with your devices on the hub.

Try going into the hubs advance settings and in the Devices section locate your laptop and tick the box to always use the same IP address.

If that doesn't help try a factory reset of the Homehub by pressing a pin into the recess button on the rear for about 20 seconds.  This will clear out any settings and start with a "clean" sheet when your devices re-connect.

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