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"Contacts" file cannot be accesses from BT -Yahoo mail

After an apparently unrelated computer hiccup yesterday (now probably solved), there is no access to my email contacts file.  I've checked that one is present and has data embedded.   Also swapped to a backup (saving the original), but still no access.  Can anyone suggest where I should start looking for the problem - I'm reasonably computer literate so give me the truth and nothing but the truth!!

Navigation through BT's menus is a nightmare  incidentally!!

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Re: e mail

Cleared history and cookies in Firefox - no change to email situation there.  Started Internet Explorer and tried to log into email there but get repeated pop ups asking me to accept cookies - "yes" allows me to try logging in to email account.  When I've done that successfully, up pops the damned "Accept Cookies". 

It's a never ending loop. Given up in disgust.

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