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"Hello This is BT Broadband"

This was a telephone call I had yesterday telling me "they have noticed my connection was a little slow"  the number on my caller display was showing "not recognised" so I immediately knew  something was amiss after a long pause from me  an "err" followed and I asked  what do you wish to do ?  Then followed a rather complicated explanation  as to why it was slow and it was of some concern to them/him . I asked for a line manager  and why he was not displaying his communication number  further complicated  explanation followed and again I asked for a line manager and an "errrrr" came forth with a number unobtainable sound . Nuff said  there still at it our little cousins in far flung call centres wishing to extract my details ! I'm to savvy for that 12 years as a night OP taught me something 🙂

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