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"PPP LCP Send Termination Request" - analysis?

I’ve been hit by number of problems with my broadband connection in the last month or 6 weeks. These seem to have started around the time we got the free upgrade from 52Mbps to 76Mbps. The problems are all of the “PPPoE is down after n (or nn, nnn, or sometimes nnnn) minutes uptime” type. Basically, the broadband connection drops, and is then re-established. This is, of course, a familiar problem. I spent some time yesterday evening examining the messages in the WAN part of my HH5 log and researching what they meant and this is what I’ve worked out. I’d welcome comments on my conclusions.


The disconnect/reconnect cycle starts with this message:

“PPP LCP Send Termination Request [User request]”


PPP is point-to-point protocol, of course. I think it’s an link layer protocol and I gather that LCP is one of the lower-level protocols that together build a working PPP connection. I also gather that LCP - “Link Connection Protocol” - is the key lower-level protocol - an LCP connection has to be established for anything else to happen.


When the connection is being re-established I can see messages that show the re-establishment of that LCP connection, and they conclude with “PPP LCP Receive Configuration ACK”. Then, an LCP having been established, there are then messages about CHAP authentication, PPPoE, and finally PPP IPCP. My understanding is that is that the establishment of the PPPoE connection (on top of LCP and by means of CHAP authentication) is what creates a user session at the server end for my router (I’m using terms loosely here), and finally the IPCP protocol simply establishes use of the IP protocol at the internet layer.


So first question: is my understanding, as outlined above, correct? If not, where am I wrong?


Back to the first message - “PPP LCP Send Termination Request [User request]”. According to what I’ve read, the LCP protocol does indeed include termination requests, and these cannot be negotiated or rejected - so the message in the log looks valid. What’s interesting is the use of the word “Send”. The log does differentiate between ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’ messages, so this all suggests that the LCP Termination Request message is being initiated (“Send”) from my end, i.e. from the HH5.


So my second question: is my conclusion, that (based on the log entries) the LCP Termination Request is being initiated from my end correct?


And of course that leads straight to my third question: what could trigger such a request from my end?


(Sorry to go on at such length, but I wanted to lay all this out logically.)


Finally, here are some stats from my HH5 log following the latest bb restart:

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 10.15.15.png

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Re: "PPP LCP Send Termination Request" - analysis?

Its been an ongoing problem for a number of years which has never had a satisfactory explanation despite many theories.

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Re: "PPP LCP Send Termination Request" - analysis?

Usually fixed by use of a third party router.

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Re: "PPP LCP Send Termination Request" - analysis?

I just want to say i'm having exactly the same problem, and searching for an answer shows this problem has been going on for years, with no good answer.


I'm really disappointed, and frustrated, it always goes down at the worst possible moment.


I didnt want to have to spend money on buying a new router, but it looks like i may have to if it keeps doing it.

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