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"Recording Failed" when attempting to record Live sport on BT Sport

I scheduled a recording of live football yesterday on BT Sport 1 and another match again today on BT Sport 1. Yesterday's attempt was carried out while the tv remained on and today's attempt was done with the YouView box turned off. Upon trying to watch yesterday's last night, a "Recording Failed" notice was displayed.  I deleted the message and tried again today with a different live match.  Upon my return I discovered the same message and again deleted the message.


I did a few things: I recorded part  of the programme that was showing at that time on BT Sport 1 and it recorded with no problem.  I then scheduled a recording of a 5 minute programme on CeeBBs from start to finish which again recorded with no problem.


I telephoned BT to ask if this is a common problem with live sport.  The first operator hung up on me then the second said I couldn't be helped because of the successful recordings after the failed recording attempts.


Also while I'm here, I only seem to be able to rewind programmes up to the point of when I turned the tv on.  In other words if i arrive home 5 minutes late for somethng on tv and I try to rewind back to the beginning, I can only go back to where I turned the tv on.  Any ideas on any of these would be very gratefully received as I've already given up on receiving anything useful from BT.

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Re: "Recording Failed" when attempting to record Live sport on BT Sport

Can't help with the failed recordings...


The rewind function (as far as I know) works exactly the same as any other box, you can only rewind what you have watched, or rewind to the last time you changed channel (time limit applies, 60 minutes or however long it is).


The box records the channel you are watching all the time it is switched on, so you can rewind it, until you leave that channel,  then it deletes what has been recorded.


It does not record anything while in standby, so if you walked in and switched on the box, you can only rewind back to the time you switched it on.


If the box was left switched on while you were out, and was on the channel you wanted to watch when you arrived home, then you could rewind when you got home.


Alternatively, you could download the youview app to your phone, and set the box to record the program you wanted whilst you were out.

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Re: "Recording Failed" when attempting to record Live sport on BT Sport

Thank you for that, you've cleared that up very nicely. Now for the failed recordings...
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Re: "Recording Failed" when attempting to record Live sport on BT Sport

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