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"Return" an eMail address

I am the named account holder and have since the days of Yahoo dial-up owned 6 eMail addresses. My wife (the accountant) also has a secondary login to direct all account related eMails to her address. At some stage(s) over the years two eMail addresses have been given to her through the function “Give another eMail address” or similar. How do I now move these back to my keeping so that I can maintain a one-stop page access to password changes etc?


I’ve crawled through all the BTID pages on both logins and help and I’m uncertain even to the terminology to describe what I need to do.



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Re: "Return" an eMail address

I have assumed that you are on the BTMail system and not the BTYahoo email system.


As far as I am aware once you have "given" and email address to another person it becomes an "affiliated" email account and you lose any way to manage it other than to be able to delete the account. 


Because it is an "affiliated" account the "new" owner, your wife is now the only person able to manage it via her BTID.

See links,6588,6589#maincontent


I am not aware of any way for the management of the account to be given back to you other than if it is possible for BT to some how disassociate it from your wife's BTID and adding it back to your BTID.

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