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"Setting Up BT Sport" on YouView

I have a BT YouView box and Infinity, and can see the internet channels 507 - 511 on the EPG. Selecting any of them tells me they need to be "set up".
Selecting ok shows a loading screen for a few seconds, then a static screen appears saying "Subscribe now to watch BT Sport..." and also listing a number of extra TV channels, and a press ok to return button. This takes me back to the EPG, and selecting any of the channels again tells me they need setting up. An email I received from BT this morning seemed to suggest I should be able to see a promotional video after setting up the channels, and should see a "confirmation screen".
Is this the static screen I'm seeing? it doesn't say so, and selecting any of the internet channels again after going through this process shows "Channel needs setting up" 
Is this what should be happening? I seem to remember reading some posts that indicated a looped video was playing on all the channels.


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