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re leaving bt mobile phone and fibre

hi all, like everyone else I have recieved the price increase email, as i am still in contract i know thta normally i would have to pay cancelation charges but because bt have upped the charges i wont be charged these ( subject to 14 day or 30 day rule)


any how, i claled bt, a nice chap advised me that i had to give 30 days notice if i was moving to another supplier becaus eof the price increases, i said i thought it was 14 days, he said he would check and then said yes it is 14 days.


does it mean that i have 14 days to find a new supplier or do i have to give bt 14 days notice thta i want to cancel.


the bt advisor thought it was the first. also i have bt mobile, i guess i will have to pay cancellation charges if i cancell that as well, its discounted by £5 because i have a bt line.


are my assumptions correct 


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