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refund required for services not rendered (rant ahead you have been warned)

pleaase can one of you MODs explain why we cannot get the refund and reduction of costs we were promised by your customer service team (the real one in the UK, which my wife got to speak to after going through many frustrating hours on hold or worse trying to get information through to one of the almost 50 call centre stooges she had to speak to, who simply will not pass your call to the UK). 


Let me explain;


we moved house, and that was such a huge deal to BT that you just couldnt get our Broadband on in the new house. We paid 2 bills during that time to keep us square, but you cancelled our "services going live day" because of a phantom unpaid bill. I had to go back to work in Afghanistan, we had no communications. The phone services eventualy went live, no broadband 😞 must be an issue, need to contact BT. 


My wife was spending all her days on hold and then being passed from one person to another, none of which are allowed to deviate from their script, and to all of which she had to go from the start all over again, and hear the standard "I understand your frustration Sir!" yes they kept calling her Sir and saying someone will call you back, and all she could think about was, this is more and more time and I still dont know if my husband is even alive! Stress levels through the roof, and news flash BT "I understsnd your frustration Sir", to a Lady, doesn't help! I just screams we don't know what we are doing but refuse to let the UK handle your call. 


After many days of frustration, she was eventualy passed to the UK based team, who were excellent. You re excellent, you know what to do and get it done fast. You sent our an engineer who checked everything, he made one phone call, and told whoever he called to do what the call centre should have done in the the first place and reset the software to our home. Hey presto the internet was rebooted and alive.


OK back to your excellent UK based call centre staff, they asked my wife to call back after a couple of weeks and receive a refund for all that we have not used, refund for the calls which are on our bill which were all to BT, and talk over why our services are so expensive. 

Well would yo beleive it!......


We are back on the merry go round of stooges who take 40 minutes to get back to you once yo are on hold (40 mins per stooge) and are stone walling us with we will give you a 5 pounds good will gesture! 


No no no no no, I want refunded for services I have paid for and not received, refunded the costs of calls to BT which should only have taken 1 call and a reboot, that reveiew of costs whch your UK based advisor says is a must as we are paying through the nose for services, an apology for this whole sorry fiasco, and......


5 pounds as a good will gesture! 

now wouldn't that be nice 🙂 



rather annoyed 

deepest Afghanitan 

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Re: refund required for services not rendered (rant ahead you have been warned)

Moderator advised
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Re: refund required for services not rendered (rant ahead you have been warned)

Thanks and over to that MOD please


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Re: refund required for services not rendered (rant ahead you have been warned)

Hi galldfish,

Very sorry for all the problems you've had trying to get your account sorted.

Please click on my username, and you'll be able to find our contact form under the "About me" section. Please fill it out and we'll look into this further.

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