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relocating BT line for due to building works


I have used search to see if someone has asked this question before and I can't find an answer.


Out current BT overhead line comes into our house on a gable end that is going to be extended, therefore we need to move it.  We have to do the same with the main eletricity overhead cable and are choosing to bury it.  While we have to dig a trench anyway, we thought it might be sensible to bury the BT cable too. 
The question is the price difference between the two options. I can't find out without paying a non refundable deposit of £199! it would seem!


So my actual question is - how much is it to bury a BT overhead cable into an existing trench and using existing duct or a seperate duct if we can't use the same one as the mains power cable?
 We estimate the cable length to be up to 20 m, pole to house.


The openreach service have said I can either pay a £199 no refundable deposit for a site visit to determine whether they can bury the cable before finding out the total price OR I can pay £149 to have the cable relocated.  What I would like to know is how much more expensive the cable burial is. If it were up to £400 Imight have it done, but more than that I would stick to the overhead cable relocation. 


Any clues or suggestions for finding out the cost before actually deciding?


Thanks 🙂

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Re: relocating BT line for due to building works

this is a forum where customers help customers and your post does not go to BT


the only people who can answer your question are openreach not your ISP BT retail.  looks like a site survey

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