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sales calls from 10 digit numbers

Is anyone else having pre-recorded sales calls from various 10 digit numbers asking if we are on benefits and require a new boiler if we have no gas?
I must have put 15 of these numbers on our personal black list, but they keep on coming with different numbers. It gives you an option to press 9 to be removed from the list, but this has no effect.
We have had 4 calls today, all the same message, but different numbers.
Ironically it seems to have only started since I signed up to BT Call Protect.

Anybody else had similar experiences?  Thanks.

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Re: sales calls from 10 digit numbers

I would never press 9 (or any other number) on such calls.  All you have done is to confirm to the automated system at the other end that a real person is listening to their calls.  I just hold the phone until the message ends, and they hang up.


Unfortunately, BT Call Protect is going to remain seriously flawed until BT get a lot more proactive at dealing with false caller ID numbers.

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