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second line delay driving us potty

ok so around January 19th i foned to order a second line for our house ( x box speeds mean we cannot run two on one line..) Catalogue of disasters ensues...

  • first line order is cancelled without my knowledge - it has taken til today to get my line rental refund with the help of this Forum.
  • second order put through very efficiently after several unsatisfying calls to the Customer Service centre somewhere in outer space. I got through to Cancellations in the UK and a lovely woman took over an hour to sort all of this out ( apart from the refund).
  • Since then Feb 16th we have had weekly phone calls to confirm that yes Openreach are working on the line/ finding the parts or having a party etc and that the next week should have some sort of answer, now to be fir the folk up in Dundee who are dealing with this are great....the service however is one empty promise after another. i would much prefer that they said  - look we have no idea when this line will go in...have your deposit back and see when the line is in we will take yourmoney - But no each week has been a ridiulous call about something or other meaning that they cant get an engineer to complete...So m request is, can somebody on here really go and look into this and find out what the delay is. We have plenty poles and lines up here and plenty Open Reach vans...what really is the issue and why oh why do they keep giving promises that they cannot keep
  • add to this that my son is Autistic - this means that we have had to stop telling him when the BT man might be fixing the new line as every let down is catastrophic for us to deal with. Regardless of that though this service is awful. IMagine booking in for a hotel only to be told as you arrive that the room wont be ready til next week??? Sigh.
  • Be assured that once this line is in i shall be escalating this case to a very high level or sending my son round to the CS department personally and he can explain to you constantly his frustration at this!!!!

I look forward to some supportive comments on here and i know from reading that i am not alone in my struggles....

Kind regards to the Mod team and thank you for being here.


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Re: second line delay driving us potty

Hi newlinedrama47,


Just popping on here to let you know I've sent you a private message.


All the best,



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