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sky sports

hi i'm thinking of switching my folks to bt from sky. Does anyone know if there is a defined list of sports that are on the various sky sports channels?

my old man is a football and cricket nut and i want to make sure he doesn't miss out on anything. BT only offer ss1 and 2 which is where most football and cricket goes. My understanding is as follows:


1. football

2. cricket

3. tennis

4. golf

5. rugby/ spanish football?


But is there anything stopping sky from moving things around its channels?



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Re: sky sports

If Sky were to move the (main) English Premier League (soccer)  , the England Rugby Union  internationals and the England Cricket Internationals off Sky 1/2 then I suspect Ofcom would consider taking action. I believe at the moment (as of November 2015) Ofcom relaxed the wholesale must offer conditions aloowing self regulation to occur.


So Sky would be free to schedule other broadcasts around their various channels.



BT do have Sky Sports 5 available on the older BT Vision Box system ...although most packages they promote are those based on using one of the 3 Youview boxes (mini - non recordable / standard recordable / UHD recordable).


Another option is to take a BT TV package and take a seperate Sky Sports package on Now TVusing a variety of different platforms . Currently although Now TV is a Seperate (player app) on Youview  they only offer a movies on demand service on Youview.


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Re: sky sports

I've had Sky Sports via BT TV since early December. Every English Premier League game and England cricket international played since then has been on Sky Sports 1 or 2. Championship football matches seem to have been on both SS1 and SS5 this season, but I'm not sure if that applies to all as I don't often watch them.


There have been more Scottish Premiership matches on SS1 and SS2 this season than was the case when I had those channels from BT via the aerial a few years ago. As suggested by zulu17, I bought a Sky Now daily pass and connected my laptop to the TV when my team was shown on SS3, with no problems


I don't follow rugby very closely, but I think that the only internationals since December have been in the Six Nations, which is on BBC & ITV.

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Re: sky sports

PS: Spanish football is usually on SS5 but the last Barcelona v Real Madrid match was on either SS1 or SS2.


To clarify, I only have SS1 and SS2 as I have a YouView box.

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Re: sky sports

BT Sport has  the WTA tennis and Eurosport also shows some tennis now and again.

BT also has the Areva Premiership rugby.

Im not a big cticket fan but I think BT will be showing some cricket over the next year.

I do like to watch some golf at times but as I don't subscribe to a Sky Sports 1 or two via Youview I don't get to see as much golf as I used to.

i have now and again noticed that one or two tennis matches have been on Sky Sports 3 in the past.

I don't always watch football from Europe as I manly just like the Scottish football as well as some English Premmier Leauge so can't comment on football from some other European countries.




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