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slowly loosing it

i use windows live mail and over the last 3/4 weeks i think i have had to change my password about 15/20 times i  get emails on two days maybe, then it asks me for my password when i enter it it says it wrong, i have to go to and try and sign in there to email when i try to it shows me a page that says something about suspicious activity, tells me to download some firewall which i don't need or want and i have to change my password..then sign in to bt mail at yahoo this is the only way i can get my e mails..i can receive them on bt yahoo mail and windows live every 2 days i have to go through this rigmarole to get them??

i know nothing about email accounts or how they work but i don't think you should have to change your password every two days.. i now have went through about 20 passwords in the last few weeks and if i did not need the computer it would have been out the **bleep** window long ago, but at the present time i am beginning not to care anymore so if any kind person can be of any help please do before its to late!!!!!!  because i think i will go along with the computer

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Re: slowly loosing it

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