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some good and bad news

Ok so finally the openreach website showed from a few weeks ago that i can now order 330 FFTP.


placed order and was told my installation would take place on the 28th and that 7 days prior i would get external works carried out. i rang today to find out update and was told by the heloful BT rep that when he rang (whilst i was on hold) openreach he was told that the exchange is at capacity and that there would be an update on the 9th of October.


My order has not been cancelled so i have a coupel of questions


1. How long on average does it take for Openreach to increase Capacity at the exchange? i find it crazy how they have planned for over a year with the Cornwall Superfast Broadband scheme as to where the works will be carried out but then they havn't carried out more capacity at the exchange


2. My order has not been cancelled which is preferable to me as ive heard stories of people ordering and constantly having orderes cancelled, (rep confirmed that my order will stay open) Does this mean that i remain in a list in terms of OR arranging completion once capacity is available?


Almost 2 years in the waiting and the capacity issue has been the most frustrating so far 😞


Kind regards and have a great weekend

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Re: some good and bad news

The network is usually provisioned for an “average takeup” which I think it somewhere around 30%.

If you live in an area with higher than expected take up, then yes, capacity issues can be seen.

As for how long they take to resolve, it will be specific to each area, as it depends what part of the network the additional capacity needs to be added.
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