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sound loss on Sony Classic movies

When I record Sony Classic Movies the sound keeps cutting out on playback. Can anybody help?

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Re: sound loss on Sony Classic movies

Hi @Ray71, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. Sorry that you are experiencing sound loss on these recordings. 
Have you recorded programs on other Freeview channels and the sound is ok on them on playback?
If you watch Sony Classic Movies live is the sound ok?
What is the signal strength for the channel showing as?


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Re: sound loss on Sony Classic movies

Hi. Thanks for replying so quickly.  Just Sony Classics playback only. No problems watching live.  Regards Ray

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Re: sound loss on Sony Classic movies

Hi @Ray71 Thanks for reporting this problem, it sounds (no pun intended) the same as an issue previously here .

We have been able to recreate this on a TV box retrieved from a customer that had the issue on recordings made from Sony Movie channels over Christmas and the New Year. We did not get the problem on recordings from other channels over the same period. We've sent that example to Youview for some more diagnostics to be done, and will be updating next week. 

In the meantime, you can sort it a bit by  rewinding a few seconds and hitting the play button again although the problem can happen again later in the playback. Appreciate that's a bit of a pain, but will get you to the end of the movie. 

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Re: sound loss on Sony Classic movies



Can you share any feedback you have with Youview with me as I’m having the exact same sound issues on the Sony Movies Classic Channel. No problems recording any other channels

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Re: sound loss on Sony Classic movies

Hi @AO2 thanks for your message. Will share any useful updates with the forum as we get them from the investigation with Youview, I'll also drop you a PM to get some more details to add you to the case. 



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Re: sound loss on Sony Classic movies

Hi there.  Further investigations have successfully reproduced the audio loss on Sony Channel recording playback and identified the likely cause as well as a way to fix it without affecting existing recordings.

Next up, we need to validate the fix on our test systems before putting the final build through trials to make sure everything's working as expected.

I'll keep you posted on how that progresses and would like to thank everyone who told us about the problem.

Have a good weekend!


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Sound loss on sony movie classic channel

We joined bt in july last year when we moved into this property. On going issues with the ariel resulted in paying for a biggar mass, then we had probs on playback recordings on sony movie classic channel, since last july weve had 3 new bt boxes. Ive spoken to god knows how many advisors through bt and had a few visits from TSG the ariel company who work with bt, my experience is dont join BT ive never had as much trouble. On reading the reviews re the issue on sony movie classic channel, my question is why does no one at the bt call centres know about the issue on that channel. Not happy with bt.

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Re: sound loss on Sony Classic movies


I noticed this exact same problem recently with recordings on Sony channels. Hugely annoying, and I have to say, I tried the old 'skip back and try again' routine and it got progressively worse and worse, so that I was reduced to being able to watch about 10 seconds before sound cut out.

As of today, I have discovered that the same thing is happening with real time TV on Sony channels.

So it's not getting better!


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Re: sound loss on Sony Classic movies



Any update on a potential fix to the sound problem.


Tony OBrien



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