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special deal for pensioners?

I probably know the answer to this before I ask but i've got to ask, just to make sure.


Are BT doing any special deals at the moment for OAP's? My mum got a phonecall today saying that BT are doing a deal and that a one off payment of £180 per year would cover all line rental and calls. Fortunately my mum said that she'd have to talk to her daughter (me!) as it's me who deals with all her stuff. They're phoning back on Thursday. They also said that the £180 must be paid in cash as there's a lot of fraud concerning cards. I asked my mum how on earth you're supposed to pay £180 in cash but she didn't know.

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Re: special deal for pensioners?

Yes, its money up front for rental and calls, and is quite a good deal. 


You can pay on your mums online a/c by card.  I dont think it is especially for senior citizens, just an 'up front' payment in advance, but is does take the worry of future bills away. A chq to BT payments for the first (and only real ) bil should take care of it.



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Re: special deal for pensioners?

I would be very suspicious of anyone who is asking for cash. BT prefer direct debits.

Was the call really from BT, or a fraudster?
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Re: special deal for pensioners?

BT do a scheme called BT Basic, details here on the web site, although there is no mention of money up front.

This used to be called the light user scheme.

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Re: special deal for pensioners?

They phoned back today and when mum asked how she would manage to pay for cash they said she could pay at the Post Office. I was just a bit dubious as it was someone with a foreign accent who phoned (don't mean to be racist but it's just that you hear of scams ), and the cash thing made me wonder as well.

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Re: special deal for pensioners?

This doesn't sound right. BTs own web site says:


"There are two ways to pay your BT landline rental. During your order, you can choose either:

  1. £13.29 every month (with Direct Debit)
  2. £9.49 a month equivalent, when you pay 12 months in one advance card payment of £113.88 (Line Rental Saver)"

To see this, go to this page and click on the words "+ line rental from £9.49" just above any "Get it Now" button.


I'd be very wary of the sort of call you are dealing with. Go direct to BT yourself (using the internet or phone), rather than react to someone who says they work for BT.


Oh and yes, this is nothing to do with pensioners per se - just an offer of a reduced line rental if you pay for a year up front.

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Re: special deal for pensioners?

Thanks for all your replies. I'm still dubious. I was hoping someone from BT would've answered too. My best bet is probably to phone BT on my mum's behalf.

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Re: special deal for pensioners?

Hi jackieb,

We don't have a deal that currently requires customers to pay £180 in cash.

There is an offer called Line Rental Saver that JohnB47 has outlined in his post, but the only way to sign up to this is (among other things) to pay the £113.88 by debit or credit card.

If you want to sign up to this deal or discuss your mother's account further I can take a look at this for you. If you want to get in touch directly please email me your forum username and your mother's account details (provided she's happy for you to pass her details on to me).

If you click on my username you can get our forum mod email address.


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Re: special deal for pensioners?

anyone asking for cash over the phone is a scammer.Smiley Mad


never-never-never-give cash to strangers, ever.Smiley Mad



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