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still cant get broadband were i live, think BT are fobbing me off...

hay this is my first post im not going to come on here and start slating bt but im soo frustrated with them, its a long story, still cant get broadband were i live even though my exchange was activated about years ago, tried getting broadband with other company few years back, bt were awkward because it wasnt through them which i naw understand, the told me i couldnt get it there no chance because im too far from the exchange and put a block on the line. 5 years later i still dont have broadband, i got told i could get it so i took it out with talk talk when the bt engineer was sent out to set up my line he just rang me and said there was no chance etc too far from exchange and he was really unhelpfull, so after this i decided to leave it. but i was told that some one in my village has broadband, so i when to his house spoke to him and he told me hes had it for years, he has to have it because of his job etc, spoke to him and he said he had a line or pole put up right outside his house and he gets decent internet speeds, also there is a put directly nextdoor thats got broadband, naw i clocked it in my car today and its barely a mile from this pole to my house, so my questions are why cant i get broadband? ive been told to just get broadband with bt because the have to do something about it if it doesnt work? i basically belive i can get it, but its a big job, and bt just dont want to do it and there fobbing me off. could some one help please?

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Re: still cant get broadband were i live, think BT are fobbing me off...

The USC for BT is only 28.8k.


If you can get that, they have no obligation to do anything.


If you want broadband, you will have to pay for it. Im guessing you live right out in the sticks, probably the only chance for you getting broadband would be if you could get BT to allow you to pay for BET. Which allows broadband over lines up to 10~12km (from memory...) but it would costs you a couple of grand. And BET is still only a trial so it would be very unlikely they would allow it.


You may be lucky and get your area included in the FTTC/FTTH rollout and be able to get fibre into yuor area, but thats unlikely as guessing you arent in a well populated area.


Short of that, leased line or satellite broadband are maybe your only choices. Or move.


If the line is too long, then you are stuffed. Also, remember 'as the crow flies' distances to the exchange do not mean anything, yours could be far longer and made out of aluminium, making broadband virtually impossible down it.


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Re: still cant get broadband were i live, think BT are fobbing me off...

thanx for the reply, sorry what is the USC?

triuble i have is i dont actually live that far out, i live about 10 mins outta my local town, and im smack bang in the middle of two exchanges, one is like 2 miles awey and the other 6 miiles awey just unluck for me im on the furthest one awey, can you change exchanges at all? the man i spoke to said he had something installed so he could get it, he didnt say what like, when i try sign up for broadband through the bt web site it says i can receive there total package and get up to 3mb, but i dont want to order it go through all the hastle and have a engineer ring me up and say i cant

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Re: still cant get broadband were i live, think BT are fobbing me off...

Hi gza1


Sounds frustrating.  I know how important broabdand is these days and it must sting not still not being able to get it.


I cant promise anything but I will be happy to have a look and see what the story is.  Drop me an email with your BT account and telephone number to and I'll be happy to look into it.





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Re: still cant get broadband were i live, think BT are fobbing me off...

USC = Universal Service Commitment. BT are obliged to provide a telephone line to anyone willing to pay, if it is at all practical for them to do so. They are under no obligation to provide broadband.
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Re: still cant get broadband were i live, think BT are fobbing me off...

thanx for the replys really gratefull, il email you my details mate thanx

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I just don't understand!

I have been using first dialup and now Broadband for many years.   However I have some problems.

I have been a customer with BT for over 35 years.......     and my ISP is Tesco.


[1] Whenever I am online if a call comes in, or one goes out it my Broadband cuts out. I thought that was the wonder of Broadband that it could do both with the ADSL 'thingies'.


[2] I  am unable to watch any site with a 'video' even the one on BT with how to test your Broadband.....

The picture freezes and then starts, then freezes.

So I can never watch a News or information Video on line

Having eventually 'watched' it, stop start, stop start,  I followed the instructions.

I disassembled the box on the wall  and plugged the 'speedtouch ADSL' directly into the box.  

The test reading was  .256  [yes point 256]  This I take to be 1/4 of a 1MB speed?   Slow.........


Is this caused by the fact that I am a long way from the exchange, or by my ISP provider?


Using my neighbours post codes they seem to be able to receive at least c 512.



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What does this imply?

I am thinking of changing my ISP provider [I am with Tesco] perhaps to BT as I now have a computer with wireless.


I am totally confused as to what the usage restrictions really mean.

All examples seem to include downloading films, etc etc but I NEVER down load films, or anything which I believe may be classed as heavy usage.


However I may spend up to 6 hours a day researching on the web, and reading and answering my emails.

Assuming that I spent approx 150 hours a month online what would my usage be?

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