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switching from quarterly billing to 1yr up front offer.

What are the mechanics behind this? Would I lose out at all ?

I delayed paying this quarters bill so I could make the move to 1yr up front, but somehow got bogged down unable to find various answers to things, and today ( bill due date ) I'm still not sorted..


If I pay this bill ( it is an advance fee after all, and I only have 67p worth of calls made in the last 3 months on that bill )  Would I LOSE that £47.85 ??? when switching to 12months up front line rental ? ( I think they take £120 via credit or debit card , but there's no mention of offsetting it against a current BT balance or account debit.


I'm confused!


In the last 4 years, I have made approximately 8 calls a year in total and probably 6 of those are to an automated banking service.


Until now, I've not been able to set up a DD as I owe my bank a few quid, and anything that went in, they'd just take straight away. I've gt a new bank now so I can sort a DD out for BT. 

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Re: switching from quarterly billing to 1yr up front offer.

You don't loose the money you've paid in advance, you bill would show the line rental saver starting from today, and then anything you've paid beyond today in line rental would show as credit on your account. You need to have paper free billing, a DD and make two calls per month over the BT network to avoid further charges, so if you use your phone only a few times a year then it might not work out as the best option.