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Message 1 of 2 BTYahoo Premium email account

I wonderd if anyone (from BT or other) could help with the following issue.


I have an old talk21 BT Yahoo Premium email account - the reason for having a premium account is to allow POP3 access.


The fee for this account is charged monthly to my credit card - however, my credit card number has just changed and I cannot find anywhere on the BT Yahoo Mail account details where I can sasfely add the new credit card details for a BT Yahoo Premium email account.  


Does anyone know where / how I can give BT Yahoo my new credit card details - clicking on the account links takes me to either the Yahoo Wallet or BT's landline / Broadband accounts, which are not appropriate.  I do not have BT Broadband.


Also, does anyone know if I still need a premium talk21 account to allow POP3 access - the free talk21 account would not allow POP3 access a few years ago.

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Re: BTYahoo Premium email account

Hi martflet,

Fill out the contact us form in the about me section of my profile and I will look into this for you.
BT Moderator Team.
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