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terrible connection with BT

I have absolutely terrible connection problems with bt.

i am sick to death with this service and not being able to get anyone to undestand what the problem is.


My pc and wiring in the house are fine, the modem is fine and the wiring between socket and modem is fine.


The problem is that the local exchange keep throttling the line so bad that the connection cuts off all the time and when its on its very slow.

My so called broadband is supposed to be upto (thats a joke) 20mb.

If i got 1 mb i would be happy.


24 hour full connection to broadband is what BT  tells us were are paying for, well that is a lie, it cuts out so much i have trouble writing this, i have to copy and pasts coz it wont stay on long enough to even have a moan.


Try to watch youtube, that lasts about 20 seconds before it goes wonky.

Download is a complete farce.

Dial up was miles faster than this and a lot more reliable.


please somebpdy give me a telephone number so i can contact someone  


**bleep** off and very angry from slough.

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Re: terrible connection with BT

Openreach /BT Wholesale who operate and maintain the exchanges and network for BT Retail YOUR provider and all other providers do not deal directly with the public you only deal with YOUR provider they deal with openreach /BT wholesale and I am sorry but your attitude on this forum is not likely to get you much help offered this is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence here are the forum moderators
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Re: terrible connection with BT


As john46 says. You cannot ring up the Exchange.


I will go a lot further and say, whether you like call centre's abroad or not, your attitude towards the people in the call centre leaves a lot to be desired.


I hope you get your problem sorted , but it will be without any further input from me.





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Re: terrible connection with BT

I see, so you dont like it when people complain about a service they dont get, a call centre with people who have no idea of the problems and lie to customers about repairs.


well i suggest if you dont like what i write then dont answer me questions, im sure there is plenty who will.


The people at the call centres are low paid people who are just given a script of what to say, when you eventually get put onto their supervisor, the words are exactly the same each time, it is a script.

I dont blame those in india for my problem, but i dont like being lied to and that is exactly what they do.

As for the call centre receptionists being educated, that is a farce, have you ever spoken to these people and asked them a question that is not on their script ?.


I am fully entitled to maon about something i pay for and dont get, you would go to tesco pay £40 for shopping and walk out empty handed and get told youl get it tommorow and never get it without making complaints.


Now the call centres in INDIA where i phone and get lied to are infact a centre for complaints.

They are supposed to take notes of complaints and pass them on so as they can be rectified.

THIS DONT HAPPEN, ive been complaing for almost 18 months, ive upgraded twice , hoping this would solve the problem. but no it dont.


i think ill just not pay next bill and get myself a dongle, its faster and cheaper than bt and more reliable.

would love for BT to try and get any more money from me.


over the last 10 years ive had a few different service providers, and can honestly say that none were anywhere near as bad as BT.

If Virgin put fibre optic in the few roads near me then bt will lose another 300 customers for sure.

Everyone in our area that can get virgin is already switched over, I wonder why ?





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Re: terrible connection with BT

This site obviosly cant help me, as ive not got an internal problem at my home.

The problem is between my home and the green box, the wiring is damaged and very very old. how can i complain and get this to the exchange engineers ?


My home has been checked by a few different engineers, all say its fine my end, so its obviously a fault between me and the green junction box !






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Re: terrible connection with BT

Apart from where it will have moderator under the Name Tag, we are all customers offering help and advice to other customers who are having difficulties.


I understand the Helpline can exasperate the situation, however you asking for help, which other members would be willing to offer for free and in their own time. I know how I would proceed!

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I'm alright Jack....
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Re: terrible connection with BT

However the callcenters in india you can ask i think by law to be transferred to somone who speak English and is British you have the right to be passed over to somone who speak english and is brithish.
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Re: terrible connection with BT

Hi Phillnjack


We can take a look at this and see what has been done previously and perhaps work from there.


Please fill out the contact us form in my profile. You will find the address for this form in the section 'about me'.





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Re: terrible connection with BT

I openly share your views about BT. I had a completely new install in jan 2011 and have never had above 1mb I complained and after all the excuses I was told that the exchange which I was connected to was not able to fulfil the demands on it (Attercliffe Sheffield) now I appreciate this guys honesty how long he reigns at BT is anyones guess.

Did BT offer me a rebate,refund,or allow me a getout of my contract don't make me laugh! I have come to the conclusion

that they just don't care as long as they get the cash.. do like me never reccomend them and never become involved with them again..

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Re: terrible connection with BT

What gets me is that I was with AOL and my broadband was fast using a BT Line, so I come back to BT and straight away my broadband starts to go slow and if two people are using it at once it locks up.


If one person uses a wireless laptop and another an iPhone4 it locks up.


BT's answer to it was to rip the bottom of my BT socket off the wall and plug directly into the line. this did nothing but annoy my wife! 


I did a speed test and it passed with flying colours?


So why can AOL give me fast broadband on a BT line and yet BT on the exact same line can only give me a slow service? I have complained to no avail! Smiley Mad

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