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this customer service..

.. is a joke!!

No wonder the complaints-section is closed now.

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Re: this customer service..

Ok, that's helpful.

If you want some help please let us know what your issue is & we can try & help.

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Re: this customer service..

hi garybs29,

Thanks for trying to help me.

My issue is related to my account and an activation date.
Unfortunately it is near impossible to get through to an agent (last time I tried, I waited 30 minutes in the queue and gave up). The last time I did get through to an agent, he promised me that I will get a call back the same day.

I'm not sure if I have to highlight that I did not receive this call back or if it is obvious?

It would be great if I could simply drop a text message/Email/chat to BT.

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Re: this customer service..

If it's about an activation date then the quickest way to get an answer would be by calling. There may be a wait though as they are busy just now but if you hang in someone will answer, it's not impossible to get through at all as they are answering calls.

If I'm right the online facilities have been reduced just now as they need more people to answer the calls.

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Re: this customer service..

Hi @hannes2 

Welcome to the Community and thanks for your post!  I have moved your post to the "Bills & Packages" section where it is more appropriate.

I'm sorry for the problems you're having with your activation date.  We are very busy at the moment but @garybs29 is spot on, you're best trying to call in.  You will get to chat with one of my colleagues.

If you could try again please I'd appreciate it.  If you feel you aren't getting anywhere we will step in and lend a hand.  If we got involved it would take us a few days to get back to you as we are a small, specialised team.  That's why I have suggested you give us another call as you may be able to get this sorted out sooner than that.

Keep us posted how you get on.



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Re: this customer service..

Yeah, sure I will call again, wait 30 minutes in the queue, getting kicked out of the queue, call again, wait 30 minutes, get the info that I receive a call back, which I don't  - what other choice do I have? Praying? Jumping off a bridge?

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Re: this customer service..

I agree with the original poster....  there is no functioning Customer Service.  I applied to join online on July 18th...  heard nothing, found a phone number 0800 800 150 on here, I couldn't find it on the actual BT website.  Phoned them at end of July and was assured by Lincoln office that everything was on target for 3rd August.... nothing happened. 

Phoned again on 4th August, was told my original order was 'na' = non-active  and Sky had not been notified I was leaving, so had to start again.  Asked me to phone again after Saturday... Sky terminated my contract on 10th August. 

On 11th August Openreach tried to seize my business line ( a different phone number, same address) XLN phoned me to ask why I was leaving.  I asked them to refuse the request as it wasn't supposed to have happened on my work line.  Phoned BT Customer Service on 11th August told my 2nd order had also been closed would have to start again. 
Got email confirmation this time.... but it lasted only 5 hours, BT then cancelled it again.

Phoned Customer Service again .....  was asked for another email as they couldn't set up another account on the original email account.... nothing happened.... I talked to SKY about possibly reactivating my old line, not possible without a new 18 month contract and if I terminated it early it would result in charges from Sky. 

So phoned BT again.....  and so the saga has continued.... I got an email this weekend saying my hub and youview box are to arrive today 24th August. But if i check my BT ID it still says awaiting despatch so I doubt its really on its way.

I did speak to Sebastian at Lincoln last week and downloaded my frustrations with the system and asked that the phone call be recorded and used for Training purposes as its very clear that the ordering system is NOT working.....  he promised to see that all old/existing orders would be wiped off the system and to phone me on 25th August.... I am not sure why I have to wait another week.... I have missed all the Champions League matches now.... but a quick look today the BT ID is still a non-functioning mess and I still have no broadband or phone line in the home.

I put in a complaint.... I heard nothing.....  so I am looking elsewhere as its clear BT can no longer run a functioning service.  

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Re: this customer service..

So after my previous message I phoned in again today.  (So far I have spoken to Lincoln, Accrington, Dundee and South Shields).  South Shields routed me through to Jade in Connections, who spoke to a manager, and resolved the problems with the supply and phoned me back.  So 10/10 to Jade. 

But now I have lost my place in the queue to go live and supply has been put back to Sept.  9th.   I did ask Jade if there was a way in which BT could fix this issue sooner, as I had been waiting now since 18th July for their service..... but apparently there isn't... so if when giving my feedback, I choose to use a low mark because of being made to wait another 2 weeks, that goes against Jade's record which is grossly unfair to her as she took the time to re-make the connections. 

I do hope a Senior Manager in Customer Relations takes the time to read this as the system isn't working for customers and is penalising frontline staff.


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Re: this customer service..

Yes, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to contact BT.

I am not able to contact BT either.

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Re: this customer service..

So the email came through.... another contract; another different price.  Its now £79.49 and Fibre1 instead of £72.49 and Fibre2 which was on last contract. Despair doesn't come close.... 

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