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trying to sign into My BT - BT ID not being recognised

I use 'My BT' regularly to check my home network, bills etc but today I am unable to sign in.  We suffered a power cut in our local area yesterday and today I noticed that our wifi has been much slower than usual.  As a result, I decided to log in to 'My BT' to check the speed. The first obstacle I encountered was that  I had to update the app.   Then I had to sign in - which is when  started the problem.  I was unsure of my password so chose the try to reset it by going down the "Forgotten your log-in details ?"route.  Although I have been typing the correct ID, I keep getting the message "We can't find a BT account with that ID".   I've tried using my laptop, rather than the app, and the same happens.  I have also tried entering my BT landline number to retrieve my BT ID and get the message "We can't find a BT ID associated with the phone number you've entered."  

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