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unable to access email abroad

I have been studying abroad for the last 5 months, but suddenly last week I was unable to log into my email on the bt webpage and using my apple desktop email and iphone app. After a long process, my mum was able to change my details and log in to my email from England. I then waited a week, and just tried to log in again to the website, and it says 'Something went wrong. Please try again.' - the same message i received last week. 

I am away for the next two months, and am unable to call the BT helpline from Colombia, and the twitter customer service has been so unhelpful, telling me 'it's a strange one'. How can I get access to my email? 

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Re: unable to access email abroad

You could try using a VPN with an IP address based in the UK.

The problem could be either end, either your foreign provider barring access or BT because of the prolonged use of a foreign IP address.

Alternatively, set up a Gmail address and get your mum to set up forwarding of your BT Mail to it.

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Re: unable to access email abroad

I have now been informed, that despite the account belonging to ME, there is no way BT can grant ME access to my email address while I'm studying abroad; verbatim - "there is no way of us getting you access now, I am sorry". This is quite possibly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard of. How in the world is there no way to solve this issue? 

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Re: unable to access email abroad

This is what I'm going to have to do, I've had none stop problems with this address that I was going to stop using BT mail anyway. This just sped up (and made 100x more complicated) the change over
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Re: unable to access email abroad

It could well be something to do with this from the terms & conditions for BT mail -

Special conditions that apply to the service

  1. By using the service, you agree that:
    1. it will be used mainly in the UK;
    2. you permanently or normally live in the UK and you will tell us straight away, and stop using the service, if that changes
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Re: unable to access email abroad

The T&Cs don't stop the email from working. All it means is that BT will not assist with any problems when the email is used abroad.

It is possible that the ISP that is being used abroad is blocking the emails and as BT have no control over the the network being used by another ISP may be why they will have said that they can not assist.

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