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using calDAV to sync calendars

I cant add use my BT mail to add a calDAV account - it wont verify.

I saw this on a BT page 'After we move you to BT Mail, your iOS device settings need to be updated so that they will sync with BT Mail. Look out for an email from us to say you've been moved to BT Mail, as it'll give you a link to instructions on how to set up your calendar and contact syncing for BT Mail'.

Does anyone have those instructions? Or another answer to my problem? Thanks


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Re: using calDAV to sync calendars

Hi @JC3

Welcome to the forum.

Can I just check, are you following the instructions here on how to set up your calendar and sync contacts in iOS?



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Re: using calDAV to sync calendars

I have the same problem. Changed my password following a suspected security breach and since then have been unable to sync either calendar or contacts.

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Re: using calDAV to sync calendars

I spoke today to BT support. It seems BT Mail will NOT support calendar or contacts synchronisation and is therefore deficient. BT will only support this package as a web service, not on phones. I tried setting up in various ways (following BT instructions) and also set up a new Yahoo account which synchronised perfectly on mobile to show the issue is with the BT set up. The Caldav route will simply not verify.

I am paying for this "Premium Mail" which seems now a nonesense. This has never been a problem for me until recently (few weeks/months) when I deleted and reinstalled my BT Yahoo account. This seems to have triggered a new software arrangement where you must add the account through "Other" on iphone or ipad (I have both).

In all cases the sync of the emails is fine - just ability to access the calendar and contacts...



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Re: using calDAV to sync calendars


I have the same issue, I can't connect my mac book to calDAV using the recommended setting from BT/Yahoo (My iPhone etc connect fine to calandars) The Premium Email Team told me this was an Apple issue. My complaints reference number is: **Edited**.

I have tried all the suggestions from Stephanie G Community Manager at BT but nothing has worked. 

Can BT shed any light on this?

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Re: using calDAV to sync calendars

I have the same problem with my BT calendar not syncing on my iphone 6. (Contacts do now sync) It did work in the past before you had to set up via the 'Other' route on the phone.

I have followed the instructions given by Stephanie.

BT support told me it was an apple problem so I contacted apple.

Apple said the problem is the BT / yahoo server is returning the user name as rather than

After saving the details on my phone despite the verification error I can see this by looking  in accounts and passwords at the caldav account. The @ in the account is replaced with %40. If you then select the '>' to look at the account details it shows as per Stephanie's instructions ie how I typed it in.

Does anyone know if BT looks at problems like this raised on here?

By the way Apple said they have a useful tool for looking up your mail settings.

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Re: using calDAV to sync calendars

BT have proved to be really unhelpful with this especially as they admitted to me that numerous customers had  also reported the same problem.

This is really frustrating. I'm now going to write to consumer programmes for support and advice. I'm paying for a function I can not use properly.  Really disappointing.

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Re: using calDAV to sync calendars

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Re: using calDAV to sync calendars

Instead of  try (no https://)

or (no https://)


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Re: using calDAV to sync calendars

You are posting on a 2 year old thread so hopefully the posters have resolved the problem but your answer may help others

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