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vdsl fibre optic modem hg612

Any one else having problem witht there fibre optic vdsl modem the littel white box with the led's on it

I'm on second one now first was put in new years and lasted till 2 week ago then that went  rong now the replacement has gone rong


and the call centre on both times has told me exchange fault or box down road.  And even booked and Eng to call then they canceled it later saying no need to come in .

Any way I'm having rather heated arguments now with bt of lack of customer service a waited in all day for Eng to come sort this out again but no show only to find out the booking had not been done right  no customer values Any more and lying call centre.


I say thins as first box work for short time then over heats and fails so if can get net and not problem till hot not exchange fault or what ever if that happens like they say there is.

Any way I am now waiting my 3rd box and may be they can get it right this time

so for now iv opend my box stuffed a 10 cm fan over top and running that to help cool it so I can at least get some net till I get sorted but not a happy chap as ex bt they have gone down hill and I'm ashamed to say i worked there Any more 

and if this don't work ill cancel contract and got to sky or some one 

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Re: dsl fibre optic modem hg612

I feel your pain, however it is hard to read your post with out using correct sentence structure.

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Re: dsl fibre optic modem hg612

I think I got there but agree it is a hard post to read.


Basically suffering from overheating modems?


Change modem position to avoid heat scources?

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Re: dsl fibre optic modem hg612

I found that if Modem is flat then it gets quite warm.


If you wall mount it as it recomends in the instructions then it stays quite cool. the cooling vents are all on the sides so when flat nowhere for heat to get out. Vertically with the wires comiong out the bottom the heat can escape. I beleive there is a template in the box  for screw holes.



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Re: dsl fibre optic modem hg612

well must exus grammer not best as dislexia rulls lol


but as fot the over heating so if this unit is meant to be mounted on wall then why on both account has it been put on desk as ther shoould be mounting it that way and it would not have option to be layed flat

as for template that asll well if youv been left with it

The over heating is on 1st unit as second will not work even if frozen so thats a difrent fault

but  im trying to see if thers been many cases like this incase bad batch of units

like amtrad fist baches of sky digi boxes had component problem due to bad suppliers



but as far as im concrented the problem is the lies and no cutomer values been keept wich just makes a bad problem even bader in long run

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Re: vdsl fibre optic modem hg612

petermuk, I did not read your post until I had already posted my problem in the following thread


This was all caused by a duff vdsl modem but my main thrust was the lie told to me by BT India. However, it looks like a similar problem. I will try the original modem tomorrow and stand it on end to see if that cures the problem.


On a similar but slightly different tack I once used a D-Link modem router that kept falling over until I installed a one inch, 5 volt (power taken from the modem itself) fan underneath it. This solved the problem but was far from ideal.

I might just try this on the bt vdsl modem.

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