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very old style cable connection/BT Infinity

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Infinity being installed Tuesday


The telephone line comes into my flat right by the toilet cistern, via this old type socket. 




I cant trace the wiring from herein, it disappears and then reappears at a "new" BT plug type socket, (which isn't a master socket) in the hallway - I presume it goes under the floor board or has been hidden somehow during works in the past.

My question is - does the wiring from the socket (pic) to the BT plug socket need to be replaced with new cable (with this upto 30m cable they talk about), or can the engineer just convert the BT plug socket (hallway) to a master socket and I will still get decent speeds or will it degrade it significantly?


Or are they some how going to have to convert the old socket (pic) to a BT master socket and run cabling around the flat


many thanks 

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Re: very old style cable connection/BT Infinity

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Hi yes they can convert any socket into the master ask the engineer when he arrives