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watching bt sport using a sky + hd box

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Currently i have the bt broadband/phone /tv package with a vision + box recieving standard broadband as fibre is not yet available where i live.My question is this.........I have a sky + hd box from when i used to have sky(im no longer a sky customer) and i would like to know if i can watch bt sport through this sky box so i can watch the sport in hd quality rather than the patchy picture i get now through the ariel.I still have my old sky viewing card in the sky + box but would it still be active/recognised by sky?

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Re: watching bt sport using a sky + hd box

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You need to cancel sports on your box and then ask for it to be activated on Sky which will start a new contract. You need to do this by phone however as I found when I took this route,

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