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webmail email list

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There is a spammy advert in my email list at the top which keeps being replaced by more spam - how do I remove it?

Spam is not appreciated in emails nor is it appreciated displaying at the top of the email list.


Also how do I sort by sender ?

There seems to be only the default sort by date. Is this correct - there is no alternative of Sort by?



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Re: webmail email list

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Re: webmail email list

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Thanks for offering assistance3,  but that link was a long conversation that had no answer on removal, so having dome some searching I located the answer.


The only way is to go back to the old version which is far better.


click on 'Sort by date' to get drop down.

click on 'More settings'

Select: 'Viewing email'

Under 'Mail Version' select 'Basic'

click on 'Save'


This removes:

  • Today, yesterday, last week etc. headings
  • Removes the spammy advert shown at top of email list as if it were trying to pretend to be the newest unread email.


I've also got the Sort by sorted.


To be honest, the webmail is not very good. So it is best to keep it very basic.

I choose to use Thunderbird email client, but every once in a while I check that the webmail Spam folder and other emails have been correctly deleted.

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