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what will happend after 3rd July 2016?

So ar least to me BT is changing the T&Cs and pricing starting the 3rd of July. For broadband the offer is either £24/m for a 52MB line 12 month contract or £26/m for 72MB and 18month contract. I am paying £25 for 36MB line at the moment.


What will happend if I don´t reply-accept any or the offers? I don´t want to sign to 12-24 month again at in both cases seems it is what is going to happend. The letter is not clear.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: what will happend after 3rd July 2016?

If you do nothing then you monthly cost will increase in line with your package as detailed in the emIl you received and contract term will just continue and end as normal. Bt have said that customers on infinity 1 package will be upgraded to new package 55/10mb. Depending on your current speed you may or may not benefit from the speed improvement

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