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when did my deal start?

Hi All,

I'm not sure when my deal price on fibre started but I'm concerned it's going to end soon and I'm not sure how to find out when it does. I can't see any reference to it in my online account and keep going around in circles trying to find it. 

I'm trying to avoid calling them as this feels like information that should be easily available... Any advice where to find it?

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Re: when did my deal start?


Look at your past orders, and then select the one you want to look at, and there will be an option to display contract details.


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Re: when did my deal start?

Thanks @Keith_Beddoe

I couldn't figure that out at all! My deal started 19th March 2019 so I was right to be checking it as it might have been a 12 month thing. Apparently I signed up for 18 months though... so I'm a bit confused that when I log in I get a banner saying "don't forget your broadband discount's ending"... is it just warning me a while in advance or is my discount ending after 12 months but I'm locked into a contract for 18?



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Re: when did my deal start?

I'll add a vote for this, because although I signed up for 18 months just over a year ago I have seen that "don't forget your broadband discount's ending" warning as well.

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Re: when did my deal start?

@andy_3_913  do you know if they are they just trying to get us to sign up to another deal very early or does it only last 12 months?

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Re: when did my deal start?

I really have no idea.

I was hoping somebody would answer that lol