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whole home wifi - erratic behavior

I recently bought a whole home wifi plus 1 additional disc ( the white disc pack ) to join up with a VirginMedia SuperHub 3 and performance is strange. 

  • Several times two devices connected to the same disc have widly different signal -85 vs -65.
  • Discs can be unresponsive i.e. an obviously closer disc is not picked by a device and a more distant disc is used
  • A disc drops out and a full network restart seems to be needed.
  • two devices connected to a disc have wildly different results on 

Anyone have any strategies for diagnosing ?

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Re: whole home wifi - erratic behavior

Hi ianmaclaren,

Can you confirm which version of firmware your disc currently have installed?

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Re: whole home wifi - erratic behavior

When you open the APP and click on HELP> EMAIL> SHARE and Send what do the discs show as the connection , under -78db
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Re: whole home wifi - erratic behavior

I think the firmware release is v1.02.11 build02 

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Re: whole home wifi - erratic behavior

the behavior is erratic but the next occurrence I'll grab this data ... watch this space !

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Re: whole home wifi - erratic behavior

Try the Early Adopter firmware, v1.02.12build02

Once an early adopter release has been installed, if you wish to revert to an older firmware, you will need to use the Rollback process and factory reset your system.

Disabling Early Adopter will not automatically revert to the previous version but the version set by BT’s developer.

To become an Early Adopter

  • From a device connected to the Whole Home Wi-Fi network, use a web browser to navigate to http://mybtdevice.home 
  • Log in using the admin password (default is displayed on the settings card)
    Go to System > Firmware Update
  • At the bottom of the page, change the Early Adopter setting to Enabled and press save.
  • Next time a firmware update check is conducted, the system will receive the Early Adopter version instead of the general release version.

After the update, I recommend you leave your discs for a few hours to allow them to settle into their configuration. During this time your Wi-Fi connection will be working fine, but you may see lights turning orange and blue and short drops in connection. If this happens I recommend not moving your discs or adjusting any settings at this time.

When your network has settled, you may also notice that the disc layout displayed on the App is different or that your devices connect to a different disc – this is completely normal.

If you have a good internet connection on all your devices, your Whole Home Wi-Fi is working properly so there should be no need to tamper with its layout or network configuration. 

I would still be interested in the signal strength being received by each disc connected by WiFi.

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Re: whole home wifi - erratic behavior

ok, I'll try this out ...

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Re: whole home wifi - erratic behavior

ok so updated the build with the early adopt setting and the overview of the network from the app says that all disks have good connection. 

I still see wildly differing speedtest results.  For example a macbook pro shows 4mbps and pixel 3a is 100 mbps when both connected to same disc and running from same server 


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Re: whole home wifi - erratic behavior

in fact the 2 macbook PRO devices and the IMAC all seem to experience poor performance whereas my ancient Dell latitude flies 


Is there something I need to do with MAC OS to make them work with the BT Whole home system ?

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Re: whole home wifi - erratic behavior

Early Adopter firmware  V1.02.12 build 02 appears to have stabilised the system !

Since implementing this nearly 2 weeks ago the mesh appears to be much happier and the 4th (additional) disk is also operating properly.


many thanks 

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