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why cant i get bt infinity?

i live in the middleish part of the street yet one freiend just at the end of my road seperated by a cross road can get it and another friend at the other end of the road which is basically the same road with a different name can get it aswell yet twice the speed as the other friend?


yes read the post above explaining not very much about this.


it just doesnt make sense.


happy customer till two weeks ago.


not now.

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Re: why cant i get bt infinity?

hi maybe this may help explain

Within an exchange area there will be some customers who can't get BT Infinity. There are several reasons why this could be the case:

Your phone line may be connected directly to the telephone exchange and not to a local street cabinet.
Your line may be too far from the local street cabinet to have a stable BT Infinity serviceyou must be able to connect an a minimum  15mb  to get infinity
Your local street cabinet may not be suitable for fibre optic cables.
We haven't yet got the council's planning permission to do the necessary work at your local street cabinet.
So, even though you may be within an enabled exchange area, it's possible that your particular line may not be able to have BT Infinity yet.


Thanks to the Board Mods  for this  Sticky  they had posted  you may not have seen it 

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Re: why cant i get bt infinity?

yes i did mention i have read that.


2 mins walk each way and they have infinity.


even a cul-de-sac on my road (which isnt even very big i might add) has been offered infinity.


and he lives closer to me. about 15 houses.


just doesnt make sense at all.


anyway im still disgruntled.


and thanks for the help by the way.

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