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why is bt so useless?

Back in April I saw the BT spring deals. As I was unhappy with my phone/bb provider at the time I thought deal you were offering was better than the deal I was currently on. SO I signed up. On the 5 of May the engineer turned up and installed the line, he said the bb would be activated after midnight. SO at 00.10 I installed the hub and waited expectantly. BUT nothing happened I spent the next one and a half hours rechecking all the connections and calling an automated system. Just when you need help you get a useless machine. SO I called the following morning and was told there was delay in activating my bb and it would be sorted out in two/ three hours. I rang back some five hours later and was told it would now take a further 48 hours (oh what joy). I rang yet again Monday evening as I still did not have bb, I was then told that there was still a problem but it would be sorted by Friday 13 May. SO I rang yet again this morning, this time I was told my order had been cancelled and a new one had been placed as there was no active line. I pointed that the phone line was working fine and had been ever since it had been installed. SO BT my question is what the **bleep** is going on? I have spent atotal of 2 hours and 37 minutes talking to a third rate customer service who can't grasp the situation or even communicate clearly. Leave me with out BB, upset my employer (I need it for work) and for what. Sill have no BB.
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