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why so many failed recordings

BT have swapped my YouView box twice this month because of failed recordings and them saying its a faulty box unit, we are on our third box running latest software, all channels retuned and updated, yet still multiple failed recordings accros digital and broadband fed channels.

its been going on too long and BT seem to have ZERO to offer in the way of a fix.

YouView is currently not fit for purpose and therefore a reduction in TV payments should be offered

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Re: why so many failed recordings

Certainly don't get the box changed again as the box isn't the issue.

Very many users are reporting failed recordings , including myself, across different boxes on different software versions.

BT & Youview are investigating but progress seems very slow.

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Re: why so many failed recordings

I'm going on holiday and after having so many failed recordings while away for only four days I am considering buying a separate records box to the BT one.

Am I wasting my money?


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Re: why so many failed recordings

Hi Often is a weak signal.

The Aerial matters and the quality matters  as well as the strength.

Wideband aerials are often needed and i am aware some need T band.

Check your signal strength and a meter to check the signal is about £12.00.

This shows you the actual srength at the aerial.

Hope this helps.


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