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wi-fi dead spot

Hi all , can someone please tell me if i can use a non bt wi-fi extender to try and improve a deadspot in my house . I have a brand new wireless-n reapeater model WS-WN518W2 and i want to use it connected to my home hub 5 with an ethernet cable and then use the wireless in the device to connect to other devices . The problem i am having is in setting it up as per the instructions . I have tried all the different ways suggested but it still conflicts with the hub as im not confident to alter settings on the router . I do know sort of know my way around pcs and router access but cant get it to work properly . I know bt make several extenders but they are quite expensive so would like it if i can get this one set up . I really need a step by step idiots guide to set it up , so would be grateful if someone could help . with thanks Graham .

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