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wifif to my laptop

Hi.  I have a wired connection to my main pc, a wifi connection to my mobile.  I am trying to get a wifi connection to my laptop.  I get a message telling me that I am connected to the BTHub but my laptop tells me that I cannot browse because I am not connected to the internet.  It's driving me potty.  What am I not doing to make the connection? All help gratefully received. 

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Re: wifif to my laptop

See this guide to connect to Homehub


If you are doing that correctly it could be that your computer has IPv6 selected. Try disconnecting it as follows:


Select Start


In the search field type.ncpa.cpl and press enter.


In the new window right click on your wireless network connection and select properties


In “This connection uses the following items” section remove the tick beside Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) then press OK


Left click on Internet Protocol IPv4, click properties . Check the options to obtain IP address and DNS server address automatically.


Once done try and connect to internet.


If, after doing that you still not connect to the Internet can you post back your make and model of laptop and what operating system you are using.


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Re: wifif to my laptop

Haven't tried this yet, but am about to.  

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