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winmail.dat attachments

Can anyone help? My wife and myself have received the same email from the same source. Her's has all the attachments in the original form. Mine are in a winmail.dat format. When she forwards it to me, there is no issue.

It only seems to be happening from only one email address.

Any suggestions what the problem is?

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Re: winmail.dat attachments

It sounds like the sender is using rich text format to send his emails and your not set to read rich text.

When your wife send it to you she is probably sending it in Plain text which allows you to read it.

Are you using an email client/app and if so which one?

Assuming you are using a BTMail email account and you are using a browser you could try logging onto your email account and go to the settings which are found by clicking on your user name. Once selected go to "Mail" and tick/untick the box marked "compose emails in rich text format".

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Re: winmail.dat attachments

We are both on a BTMail account, so I have checked the settings. Her's had "compose mail in rich text format" ticked, and mine was unticked. I have changed mine to tick the box.

I will let you know if it works.

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