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wireless problem with home hub 5

My wireless works fine apart from 2 devices my ipad and my samsung smart tv. with my ipad it works for about 10 mins watching videos etc then it stops so to remedy it i have to turn the wireless off and on, on the ipad which makes it work for a few more minutes before i need to repeat. on my samsung smart tv  it connects and plays apps like bbc i player but if i try to watch netflix or amazon the tv loses wi fi connection after 10 mins. i think there is a problem with the devices holding on to a ip number but i am not sure. ive read all the instructions for the devices but all say i should contact my isp which is BT. can anyone please help.

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Re: wireless problem with home hub 5

have you tried turnng off smart wireless  then split the 2.4 and 5 ghz networks by say adding a 5 to 5ghz network  you can keep the same passowrd for both.  then select the channels manually using inssider which will show the networks near you and the channels in use enabling you to select a free channel 






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