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**27/07/20 - LATEST** Virgin Smart Hub 3 with Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi Issues

Hey All,

As you may be aware, some customers have been having connectivity issues with their BT Premium Whole Home Wifi system when connected to the Virgin Hub 3 router.  BT has been working with its firmware developers, chip manufacturers and Virgin themselves in order to identify the root cause of this issue and identify a fix.

Virgin have identified an issue and are subsequently in the process of rolling out a new firmware update that they believe should fix this issue.  Details of the firmware update can be found on Virgin’s own community forum in this thread:-

Please check the version of firmware that your Virgin Hub is running by using its web GUI.  The latest version, which includes the fix, is 9.1.1910.200.

You can do this by visiting the Virgin Hub 3 Home Page via its web GUI and select Admin (from left panel) then the Info option

 If your Virgin Hub 3 has already been updated it will have already restarted automatically and the new software applied. We are hopeful that his will help solve the intermittent disconnection issue that some customers have experienced and would greatly appreciate you letting us know on the forum if this is the case. Once again we apologise for any inconvenience.

As a last suggestion if you are still experiencing issues and you have the Virgin firmware upgrade already we would suggest you conduct a WHW Premium Factory reset using the pinhole by the power switch on the back of your WHW Premium disc.

If, in the meantime, you have not been using your WHW Premium discs it is likely that Virgin will not have identified you as needing the firmware update.  If this is the case, before you start using your Whole Home Premium discs please contact Virgin directly in order to ensure that have had their firmware update (version number as above).