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4G Mini Hub

Evening all,

BT sent me a Halo/4G hub as a replacement for broadband I can't use until a new line in installed in my new flat, however, I'm having some issues with it.

To prevent overheating, manual suggests removing the battery when the device is plugged in, yet it can't function without a battery inserted, it just refuses to work.
With the above in mind, it gets quite warm and I really wouldn't want it to overheat and malfunction.
Once it gets a bit hotter, the internet slows to a crawl, pages take upwards of 10 seconds just to start loading and simple sites, like BT community, takes about 15 seconds to load completely.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make the mini hub work safely and reliably? It's as close to the window as possible without taping it to the glass and it's on a cool surface, yet basic browsing gets increasingly slow over time.

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Re: 4G Mini Hub

If it is the same 4g mini hub I have, then the purpose of plugging into the electricity supply is to CHARGE the battery. Try disconnecting from the power supply, your hub should continue to function using the battery power for around 8 hours.

Edit: Without checking the UG, I am pretty sure we are advised NOT to leave the mini-hub plugged in permanently.

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Re: 4G Mini Hub

The hub is powered and charged through USB, it didn't come with a socket plug. Oftentimes, the battery refuses to charge even when connected. I have to unplug it, then plug it back in, then it might charge if it feels like it, since I had times where it charged for about 30 seconds, then stopped. And the battery itself drains really quickly, about 4% per minute just from light browsing.

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