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8600 (Quad), extremely poor range

I recently bought a quad pack of BT8600 phones, to replace my ageing Siemens set which had worked very well for years; in particular they had no problem with range inside the house, despite there being a few thick stone walls in it. However, the indoor range of the BT phones is extremely weak, being unable to reach a room which is only 10m away from the base. Is this a general problem with this model?  I'm only asking because most users that have posted are delighted with it, and I'm wondering whether there might be a fault with my particular unit.  The phone line is fine (it was tested by Openreach the other day), and I followed BT's phone helpline's instructions to reset the base to factory settings in case that might work (it didn't).  Or is the Siemens just a (much) better phone? 

Have other forum users experienced issues of very poor range with the 8600?

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