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AV600 Flex Extender Not Working At All

I purchased the BT AV600 Flex powerline extender to replace an existing set of power line adapters but these ones don't seem to work at all.

I can confirm that there's no issue with my router, Ethernet cables, or power system. Both units are connected directly to the mains and not through a surge protector or extension strip. All 3 lights are on, indicating that the devices are talking to each other, they can detect the wired connection to my PC and router, and there is an active Internet data connection going between then. HOWEVER, my PC is unable to get any kind of Internet connection.

When checking diagnostics, my PC is able to detect the Ethernet connection to the AV600 and the AV600 is detecting a data connection, but for some reason it's failing to actually transfer that connection to my PC. Switching back to my older extension set, I'm able to connect instantly, so there's absolutely nothing wrong with the wiring and setup. Switch back to the AV600, and then nothing. Dead. Nada.

After unplugging and replugging in the AV600 units, I was able to get a connection, but it only lasted FIVE SECONDS, before dropping out and dying on me. Repeatedly replugging the AV600 would occasionally recover that connection, but it would always drop out after a few seconds.

From the instructions manual, I tried factory resetting both devices by holding down the pairing button for 15 seconds. This seemed to repair the connection, and I was able to get a solid 40mbps Internet connection.

BUT this did not last. The more I used this connection, the more the speed appeared to deteriorate, until an hour later when it slowed down to 0.08mbps and was pretty much unusable. Going downstairs and connecting to the router directly, I got >100mbps, so this indicates that the problem is caused by the AV600 and not due to a loss in Internet service. Eventually the AV600 dropped our connection completely and never recovered on its own. I had to manually perform another factory reset.

So after this horrible experience, I'm left wondering. Have I somehow set these up wrong? Or are these just really useless products? I can get a connection fine with other extenders (but unfortunately the old ones must be replaced due to an intermittent hardware issue) so there's nothing wrong with my wiring or Internet service provider. Is there a way to get the AV600 to work with a STABLE connection without having to manually perform a factory reset 30 times a day, or is it time to get a refund?
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Re: AV600 Flex Extender Not Working At All

Welcome to this user forum.

Have you made sure that none of the older powerline units are plugged in anywhere in the house, as they will interfere with the AV600 units.

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